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Understanding Campus As A Workplace

Just as in any other workplace, everyone who works or studies at a college or university has a right to a safe and respectful working environment. Most schools have a complicated hierarchy that creates many power imbalances that can be abused in the course of perpetrating sexual harassment. Instructors, for example, have power over students; department chairs and tenured professors hold more power than adjuncts and early-career tenure-track professors; administrators wield influence over the entire faculty. Anyone in this hierarchy has the potential to harass anyone else, including peers of equal rank and stature.

Whether you are a student who has been harassed by a professor, or a staff member who has been harassed by a co-worker or supervisor, Altieri Law can help. We are committed to pushing back against sexual harassment in schools and giving our clients the tools they need to understand California employment law as it applies on campus.

Navigate California Law — And University Policy

A wide range of harassing behaviors are prohibited at colleges under California law, just as they are in all workplaces. These include unwanted touching, unwelcome sexual remarks and similar behaviors. Furthermore, a college or university can be held liable for "negligent hiring" when it fails to perform sufficiently thorough background check on a new employee, or turned a blind eye to problematic behaviors that were reported by one or more victims.

Some additional behaviors not specifically addressed under state law are regulated by your university's own campus policies. There is no legal prohibition on professors having sex with students, for example, though this practice is often banned or strongly discouraged in campus codes of conduct and/or professors' contracts. If you have experienced unwelcome attention that is not addressed by state law, an experienced lawyer can help you decode your campus's policies and represent you in the school's internal reporting process.

You Deserve To Feel Safe And Productive On Campus

Hormones can run high on college campuses, but that should not be allowed to interfere with each person's right to work or study free from unwanted advances. At Altieri Law, we will help you use both state law and campus regulations to achieve a positive working environment.

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