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Fight Back Against Harassment At Bars And Restaurants

From the perspective of the employee, bars and restaurants present a lot of unique challenges not found in many other workplaces: Shifts can start very early and end very late, the work is physically demanding and stressful, co-workers often have to share crowded spaces such as kitchens and storage closets and alcohol is frequently present. These and many other factors contribute to an intense work environment where co-workers may interact with less formality than in quieter, less stressful workplaces. All too often, this informality can lead to unwanted advances from a co-worker or a supervisor.

Sexual harassment in restaurants and bars is all too common in California, but that does not mean there is no remedy when it happens. At Altieri Law, we can help you identify which behaviors are legally actionable, whether committed by a supervisor or co-worker such as a cook, a host, or a waiter or waitress.

Employment Law Can Hold Both Supervisors And Co-Workers Accountable

From a legal standpoint, sexual harassment is easiest to demonstrate when it comes from a supervisor, such as offering a quid pro quo exchange of sexual favors for a material benefit such as a promotion or a raise. Harassment from an employer can also take the form of unwanted touching, unwanted advances or inappropriate sexual language. In any case in which your supervisor has harassed you, we can take legal action right away.

In contrast, harassment coming from a co-worker requires that you give notice to your employer before a lawsuit becomes necessary or viable. A proper relationship between employer and employee requires that the employer create a safe work environment that respects employee rights. If you have asked your employer to step in and prevent harassment from a co-worker, and he or she has failed to end the harassment, the next step may be to pursue legal action.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

There is no excuse for sexual harassment — it doesn't matter if the offending party is a popular manager or a drunk bartender, you have a right to a work environment that feels safe and professional. If you do not have that environment today, it's in your interest to talk to a lawyer.

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